Do you want a healthy mindset?


What is a healthy mindset?


Replace negative with positive…


Focus on what you can control…


Don’t believe everything you think…


Are your daily habits actually helping you?


Think about it? 


This is one of those questions that you probably don’t ask yourself to often, right? We are just unaware of our habits, so sitting down and asking if they are good for us or not isn’t really at the top of out priotites!


We don’t think about our habits too much because well, they are habits! Duh!


However, it is possible your habits are sabotaging you, especially your mindset! 


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For longer than I’d like to admit, I’ve had the bad habits of hitting the snooze button on my alarm. (seriously its a problem)


This is definitely my biggest self sabotaging habit that I have, and continue to give in to.


I have things I need to work on, habits I need to break and replace, just like you!


There will always be way you can improve yourself and your life; something you can do better, in my opinion that is part of the beauty of life, you can always move forward!


So anyways, I decided a couple weeks ago it was actually time to better myself, start getting up earlier.


When I first started I cringed just at the thought of starting because I knew it was going to be a challenge! 


However I knew it was going to get easier and ultimately it was going to be 100% worst the pain!


Your habits (basically how you live your life) can alter your mindset and overall mood for better or worse, making sure your habits are helping you is essential for your quality of life. 


If they’re not helping you to grow as a person, they’re only getting in your way and hurting your journey to level up your life.


In order to cultivate a healthy mindset, you need habits that align with your vision and values


In this post, I’m sharing 5 simple and healthy habits that will help you level up your mind and reduce stress.


Daily Habits For A Healthy Mindset


The easiest way to cultivate a healthy mindset is to follow daily habits that keep you in a good state of mind. 


Here are 5 simple daily habits to keep your mind a calmer and more productive place:


A Journal Routine


I have always had the habit of journaling every morning, I write everything from things that are weighing on my hearts, to what I have to accomplish that day.


This is my favorite habit and routine that I have (probably because I have been doing it fo so long), it lets me free up space in my mind and heart to have the most positive and productive day possible! 


Are you interested in the journal I use! Check it out here!


If you’re short on time (especially of you always hit snooze), try a brain dump exercise!


What is a brain dump exercise?


3 topics for a Brain Dump

  • what you’re anxious about
  • what you’re excited about
  • what you need to get done for the day


Writing every morning is a great way to reduce stress and calm your overthinking mind, so you can focus on the important things with less distractions, and work towards creating your dream life.


Goal Progress Check-In


If you’re the type of person who loves to set goals (me, me, me!), I’m sure you can relate to planning them out and then totally forgetting about them (raise your hand again). 


By reviewing your goals and vision list daily (yes I mean every single day!), you can keep your goals in the forefront of your mind, and always remember what you’re working towards. 


This will in turn motivate you to do what’s most important, and push yourself forward.


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Use Time Blocking


You know when you wake up in the morning, and you have know idea what to work on first. This causes you to take up more mental energy that necessary, which in turn drowns you later on. 


Save yourself some time and energy by planning out your day the night before (this is one of my favorite habits).


Not only does this habit help you save energy in the morning, but if you plan out the next day before bed, you won’t be staying up at night thinking about everything you have to do the next day. 


Say hello to a better night’s sleep!  


Time-blocking is my favorite way to plan because it helps me see how much I can get done in a realistic timespan. 


If you write to-do lists that aren’t achievable, you’ll end up feeling defeated by the end of the day, this will do the exact opposite of motivating you form the next day, you’ll think ‘whats the point’.


Let’s not do that to ourselves!


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Take Time To Check-In


Every now and then throughout the day, check-in with yourself


Ask what your mindset is like. 


For example, are you feeling scattered, frustrated, or content?


When you bring awareness to what’s going on in your head, you can come back to the current moment and re-focus. 


Set reminders on your phone to do a check-in if you find it difficult to remember. Try every couple of hours!


This may seem like a lot but time goes by fast, and you’ll be surprised how fast your mindset can change!


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Be Mindful About Social Media


Important Notice!


By setting some boundaries around the ways you use social media, you will be able to stop letting it suck up so much of your mental energy. 


Let’s all try to make it a daily habit to spend more time creating and achieving your goals than you do consuming other people’s content.


Because believe me I am just as guilty as you at binge on twitter!


What are some of your favorite daily habits?


I hope you feel motivated to start to up-level your life and get rid of any current habits that are holding you back. Leave a comment below and share a few of your favorite daily habits, or shoot me an email at

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