Have you heard of burnout?


I’m sure you have but just in case, burnout occurs when you feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet constant demands. Basically you are completely exhausted.


Most likely you have probably experienced burnout in both your personal and professional life!


We live in an age where the hustle never ends (literally), so it’s no surprise that you are probably more stressed than ever.


Today, I want to focus on mental burnout, yes, there are more types of burn out but we are just going to focus on the one for now. So, let’s get to it!


7 Reasons Why You Are Mentally Burned Out


Have you ever felt like you have no mental energy left; you just can’t focus or retain anything new? Well that is called mental burnout!


Making decisions becomes impossible, you have trouble thinking clearly, and you get overwhelmed by the slightest inconvenience (you know those bursts of anger, or anxiety attacks you just can’t explain), which for those of us who are over-thinkers, over-analyzers, and perfectionists (raise your hand if you know what I am talking about), we put a lot of stress on ourselves just by thinking. 


You might not even realize you’re causing yourself stress because you blame it on your situation, or maybe on others surrounding you. 


Of course these things can contribute to stress, but there’s so much power in recognizing when you are the one stressing yourself out.


You’d probably be surprised by how much stress you put on yourself alone, I bet it is a lot more than you think.


Without addressing the causes of mental burnout and finding ways to give your mind an actual break, you risk driving yourself into the ground, aka. burning out. So that is what we are going o do!


The Causes Of Mental Burnout


If you feel like your mind can never truly relax (ode to the over-thinker), here are seven causes of mental burnout that might be making you feel drained!


P.S. I will be including related posts which will lead to the solutions for each cause or the actual solution!




Whenever I start working with anew client, I always ask them, ‘what do you think you need to change about your current mindset,’ and most will say ‘I want to be more confident.’ 


So many people spend so much time doubting themselves and wishing that they were more confident and secure they don’t realize how much stress those thoughts are adding to the pile. The thing is that constantly doubting yourself & using negative self talk only adds to your stress levels. 


Your inner critic (that little negative Nelly inside your head) has a huge impact on your mindset, and can quickly lead you down the path of mental burn out before you even know what hit you.


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Does life feel more complicated than it needs to be? There are so many options with clothing, food, recipes, diets, exercise plans, etc. There are so many options now a days with everything from food at restaurants, to exercise plans to grow your butt. (that might be little crude, but it makes a point)


How do you know what to pick? 


The truth is that it’s not your fault that you feel so indecisive. Woo Hoo, win for you!


Society today has given us so many options it makes it incredibly difficult to make a decision. But indecision only causes us to waste time and overthink about what we should do. (again back to the over-thinker, if you are in the same boat as me I feel you)


Solution number one : reading Greg McKeown’s book, Essentialism, so you can figure out how to make decisions more easily. I cannot recommend this book enough, it will truly change your life!


How To Be Less Indecisive


I figured since I didn’t have a realty post for you I would give you a couple tips on how to be less indecisive in your day to day life!


One: Trust


Sometimes it is beneficial to no overthink things and just go with your gut. Trust your first instinct.


Two: 24 Hour Rule


Wait 24 hours and ask yourself again. If you are having trouble making a decision, put it off (if it is possible) and ask yourself again 24 hours later. Sometimes you will find a new found clarity on the subject.


Three: Call A Friend


Get an outside opinion. Sometimes you just need help. Call up your friend or spouse and some added input on the situation. It is absolutely ok to ask for help.


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You Have No Boundaries


You have to learn how to say ‘No’.


Now, I am not saying you can’t help people, I am just explaining that when you are a ‘people-pleaser’ you are going to end up taking on extra baggage, and it becomes inevitable that you are going to get burnt out.


Sometimes it can be hard to say no, but don’t feel bad, you have to be able to take care of your self first, and that includes knowing your limits and avoiding burn out.


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Repeat after me, “done is better than perfect.”


If you are anything like me you are probably always worrying wether something is good enough, or always going back to make it ‘perfect.’ Well here is what I have found, I will always find things I can improve, so if I keep trying to make something perfect I am never going to get anywhere.


In my opinion ‘perfect’ is very hard to come by, I am always finding things I can improve so if I keep striving for perfect, I am going to be here for awhile.


Let’s say it one more time, “done is better than perfect.”


You need to put less pressure on yourself, things aren’t always going to be perfect, and I promise that is perfectly ok! See what I did there!


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Fear of Judgment


Are you constantly worried about what others might think of you?


This is something else I have always struggled with, my husband on the other hand definitely doesn’t, and I am always amazed that he doesn’t care, I wish I could be like that.


If you really think about, why do you care what others think of you?


Does their opinion really matter, are you going to let there meaningless opinion dictate your life. Honestly, you never really know what people are thinking, most likely it is a conversation that you are having in your own head.


Don’t let the fear of being judgeed hold you back from living the life you dream!




Our lives have become increasingly influenced by distractions. The world today has so many distrations. From the youtube notifications that pop up on your phone, to the email offers you get every 5 seconds. 


Guess what!


Distractions = Procrastination + Procrastination = MORE STRESS


That is my new formula I just made up, and I am loving it!


Read my post below to learn how to declutter your mind, and do away with daily distractions.


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No Balance


Having no balance can basically go to ways:


Number one


You work all the time, you get up, go to work, come home, go to bed, and do all over again day after day.


This leaves you very little to no time for yourself. You need to to relax, unwind and take care of yourself. With out it you are going to feel extremely overwhelmed constantly which will lead to burn out.


Number Two


You relax too much, you procrastinate on tasks, you say “I’ll do it tomorrow I am tired right now,” and you end just and I mean just making deadlines.


This leaves you feeling extremely stressed and overwhelmed. You are always trying to catch up, and you always feel so behind.


Both of these scenarios lead to stress which leads to burn out.


Having a strong work life balance in your life is not only good for your sanity but it will reduce the risk of you getting burnt out and being constantly stressed, which in my opinion is. win-win!


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How do you combat mental burnout?

Don’t be afraid to send me an email at samanthagordon@healthfulhearts.org and let me know what you are struggling with! I would love to help!

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