Your New Daily Quarantine Routine For Productivity And Success

Your New Daily Quarantine Routine For Productivity And Success

I have been struggling a little to keep my normal day to day structure during this quarantine.


If you have been struggling with structure and productivity as well you are so not alone, I promise.


In my professional opinion (I don’t know if I am qualified to say ‘Professional’ but whatever), having a daily routine is absolutely essential in order to keep your sanity! 


Your New Daily Quarentine Routine


This might sound dramatic  but you get my point.


When you start laying in bed till noon, that is when things are going to start taking a turn for the worst, and a daily routine will prevent this!


It’s so important during this time to have a daily schedule that will keep your day structured and productive. 


Not only will a routine keep you productive and sane (which are both total wins), but it will help you to maintain normalcy in your life during this time.


The consistency that a routine will give you, is going to help you feel better and keep you grounded. 


In this post, I want to do 3 things:

  1. Share somethings I have included in my daily routine
  2. Share a new technique I have been trying and loving
  3. Explain why not to wake up at Noon and go to bed at 4am!


Now, I am not going to tell you that you have to be out of bed at 6am because that is not reasonable, however I will give light hearted suggestions, even though this is completely adaptable to your schedule and what you need to do everyday. 




You definitely don’t have to get up at 6 am (however you don’t want to be waking up at noon either), that being said, you need to avoid waking up and then spending hours laying in bed staring at your phone.


Also you need to get up when your alarm goes off a habit, don’t snooze 5 times, 3 times, or even once, when your alarm goes off it is time to get up!


And trust me, you will thank yourself for this later (you probably won’t be too happy about it in the moment, but you’ll get over it) 


Staying productive is going to take some serious self discipline, and the best way to get batter at self discipline is by practicing it. Over and over again, until it becomes a habit!


So, get up at the same time every day, MAKE YOUR BED, and get ready for the day. 


P.S. when I say get ready for the day, that means, shower, get dressed, brush your teeth, just because you are home, does not give you the right to not put effort into yourself


Make a delicious breakfast (if you eat breakfast), do something active (stretch, yoga, full on HIIT workout), and enjoy your morning. 


Enjoying your morning and really taking in the little moments, whether that’s savoring your morning cup of coffee or 3, journaling for a few minutes (I truly believe this is such an important habit to implement in your everyday routine), and having a few minutes without your phone (try not going on your phone for the first 30 mins of the day, it makes all the difference). 


It’s hard to not feel down, and anxious these days so making sure you are enjoying the little moments and joys in life is really going to help lift your spirits and keep your positive attitude at full force.


Tip: during this time write your todo list for the day, to make sure you know exactly what you need to accomplish during the day!




If you are doing online school, working from home, or even if you aren’t doing either, I seriously suggest using the mid-morning (after your little morning routine), to get things done!


I have found that I have the most motivation and sense of urgency in the morning, so this is when I try to get all of my big tasks done!


I have just always felt the most focused after I’ve had my cup of coffee, and done my morning yoga! 


Now, this is just my suggestion! 


If you know that you are 100 times more productive in the afternoon, or at night, then take this advice with a grain of salt, but if you really havet figured out your most productive time, I highly recommend trying the morning!




Spend as much time outside as you can! 


My outside schedule has been in the morning while I’m drinking my morning coffee, after lunch to go for a walk, and in the evening for my second walk of the day! 


My neighbors and I joke because we are all walking like 2-3 times a day, just because what else can we do!



Even if it is cold where you live, or if it is raining, don’t be a chicken put on a coat and get outside, even if it isn’t the best weather, getting outside at least for a little bit will make the biggest impact on your mindset and attitude. You will feel so much better and less anxious, make sure you spend time outside everyday! 


If for some reason you really can’t go outside, please ignore me, this is just to motivate you if you “just don’t want to”!


Making sure you are getting outside is going to be essential while you are in quarantine. 




It is time to truly focus on yourself!


Personally, I love to take the afternoon, and really focus on whatever self projects I am currently working on. Unless I have a super heavy work day then it isn’t really possible. 


If you are the same, and you use the afternoon for hobbies, self care, family time, and other projects, let me know what they are in the comments, it is important to share and inspire others during this time!

I think the best way to spend this time is for personal growth, even though I might be a little partial to the subject (I am a mindset and personal growth coach if you didn’t know). 


You might have more time on your hands than you know what to do with, use this time and better yourself, come out of this crisis better than you were before! 


It is more important than ever that something good comes out of all the horribleness. 


If you want to know more about how you can come out on top, email me at, and we will set up a totally free discovery call, I will help you solve that problem that is holding you back from reaching your goals! Or you can click here and schedule it now!



This is not a sales call, I truly want to help you find the motivation to make positive changes to your life! I don’t bite, I promise, email me I would love to meet you!


Self care is extremely important all the time!


However, it could possibly be argued that self care is even more important now! With everything that is going on it is even more important to take care of your body, mind, and soul!


I’m not going to drag this section out too long, I am just going to list some of my favorite self care activities for each, pick and choose what you like from each list, but I highly recommend you try extra hard these next couple of months to show yourself some extra love!



  • Journal (you had to know this was going to be on my list)
  • Read a good fiction book
  • Daily Devotions



  • Yoga (try yoga with adriene)
  • Go for a walk
  • Stretch



  • Meditation
  • Affirmations
  • Learn something new (it’s the perfect time to level up your life)


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My Daily Schedule


Now I in no way expect you to copy my daily routine, however, I thought it would be helpful to look at an overview of someone else’s daily schedule, and get an idea and some inspiration for yours!


6:30am – wake up, morning stretch, cup of coffee or 3, morning devotions, journal routine

8:00am – to do list, emails, DM’s, writing session

10:00am – big task (whatever that happens to be)

12:00pm – 30 min first meal break, continue with big task or move on to next

2:00pm – continue work, @2:30 first walk (normally 30 min walk)

4:00pm – second meal break (30 min), continue with work

6:00pm – second walk (about an hour long with husband), continue with work, dinner break @7:30

8:00pm – finish up work, make popcorn (yes I do this almost everyday, one of my not so healthy habits, but I believe it is good for my soul because I always look forward to it), watch a show or a movie with my family (aka. my husband and dog)

10:00pm – get ready for bed, read for 15 min to 45 min (depends on how much I am loving my book), go to bed


A Couple Notes:

  • Your schedule is 100% personal to you, please do not try and copy mine, because it isn’t going to fit your lifestyle


  • I do work quite a bit, so i don’t always have time to fit in everything I would like to in a day, this is more of what a perfect day would look like for eme, sometimes I do end up working until midnight (that doesn’t mean I don’t make popcorn)


  • I time block my days which is something I am going to talk about in the next section, so my days are a bit more structured than the schedule above, I just didn’t want to write out my schedule in 15 minute increments, that seemed like a lot. 


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My New Thing I Have Been Trying


The key to a productive and proactive life is TIME BLOCKING!


I am not kidding!


So first I guess we should quickly cover time blocking!


To paraphrase; time blocking is when you block out each minute of your day to a specific task, to make sure you are staying on track to accomplish your goals and DREAMS!


And at this moment your goal is to not go insane! I’m kidding, sort of.


If you want more information on time blocking read the blog post I linked above! It covers everything!


So, I have been time blocking my days for about 3 months now, so I feel qualified enough to share my tips and tricks when it comes to time blocking! Scheduling your day like this is really going to help you stay productive and on task not only during the quarantine but in your regular day to day life!


My Best Time Blocking Tips


  • First & last section of everyday should always be the same (as often as possible, I know sometimes you just have to work at midnight)


  • Schedule your breaks, all of your breaks not just lunch


  • Don’t lose it if something takes longer than expected, just adjust your schedule, everything will be ok


  • Give each task a little extra breathing room just in case


  • Use Google Calendar – my Google Calendar has my entire life on it, without it I would be lost. The reason I recommend google calendar is mostly because it is all I have ever used. However google calendar is so easy to use, you can have it synced between all of your devices (which is super helpful), and then you have everything in one spot instead of using a bunch of different organization apps and programs. It’s one simple system that is easy to use, how can you go wrong!


A Little PSA On How Not To Schedule Your Day


Now, I know I said earlier that you can adjust your schedule to adjust your own timetable ad preferences, and this is totally true.


But, I want to give you some advice.


Don’t go to bed at 4am and wake up at Noon and expect to have a great productive day, this isn’t affecting your body I don’t think because you are getting a normal amount of sleep, but it is 100% going to affect your mindset and not in a positive way.


Whether you are productive or not, waking up at noon is going to make you feel lazy, and like you don’t have your shit together. 


I recommend waking up anywhere from 5am to 10am at the latest. 


Having a solid morning routine, and starting your day in the morning on a positive note has the biggest impact on how the rest of your day is going to go, and rolling out of bed at Noon isn’t gonna set you up for a great day.


Now, you can do whatever you want. I am just here to try and help, and give you suggestions based on my knowledge and experience!


Having consistency in your life and keeping busy is so important. Make sure you use this time to better yourself and come out on top of the situation. Make yourself the good thing that comes out of all of this!


What is your favorite part of your daily routine?

Let me know n the comments, or email me at Also if you are interested in a free call to help you get through your biggest road block during this quarantine let me know, we will setup a time!

How To Beat the Afternoon Slump

I’ve just had the most lovely four-day weekend in LA, but unfortunately mini-vacations come with consequences. I’m finding it really hard to get back into the work grind.


I’m basically just daydreaming of sunshine and wishing I could be laying in bed.I’m also finding the afternoons particularly sluggish, even more so than usual. I think most people find themselves the least productive in the afternoon because lunch is digesting and the morning coffee high has worn off.

If you’re having trouble focusing or end up feeling blah in the afternoon like me, here are some tips to beat the afternoon slump:

  1. Drink tea.

Tea contains theanine which improves cognition while at the same time making you feel relaxed. Since the afternoon often brings with it the strong desire for a nap, tea can perk you up without the dehydrating effects of another cup of coffee. My favorite teas for the afternoon are green tea with blueberry, black tea, and peppermint tea.

  1. Snack on dark chocolate.

I’m not sure about you, but I tend to get cravings for junk food in the afternoon. Luckily, dark chocolate exists. In addition to making you feel warm and fuzzy inside, the flavonoids in cocoa have been shown to lower blood pressure, improve mood, and potentially increase mental focus.

  1. Spray rosewater.

Not only does it smell divine, but rosewater can help fight stress and help boost positivity. Spraying rosewater on your face will make you feel refreshed while hydrating and nourishing your skin.

  1. Get some fresh air.

I love going for walks during my work breaks because I always feel a million times better after some fresh air. Getting outside will switch your focus to something other than work, and a change of environment will wake up your mind and make you feel a little more alive. Just opening a window helps.

  1. Do yoga at your desk.

You might get weird looks if you’re in an office, but squeezing in a few stretches at your desk will help you feel more awake (and possibly like a limber yoga goddess…or not). Try this 5-minute video from Adrienne, and encourage your coworkers to join in!

  1. Listen to music.

Music can drastically improve your mood, especially when all you’ve been listening to is the phone ringing or the incessant tapping of your keyboard. Spotify has some great playlists like Mood Booster or Creativity Boost.

  1. Use a diffuser.

I have this teeny-tiny desk diffuser that I use at work to basically blast good vibes at myself. Lemon, peppermint, and rosemary are great essential oils for boosting energy levels, improving focus, and feeling rejuvenated. I also recommend this Aura Cacia Creative Juice essential oil blend.

How do you perk yourself up in the afternoon?

How To Create The Perfect Evening Self Care Routine

Do you ever keep working until the moment you go to bed? Or do you feel so drained after the workday that you binge on junk food and scroll through Instagram for hours? I think this the go-to route for many of us when dealing with stress.

The trouble is that getting into certain habits like this can affect your health and mindset. You might think you’re relaxing when in reality you’re avoiding the things you know are good for your health and well-being.


If you want to ensure that you’re relaxing and taking proper time for self-care, you have to consider what you’re doing before you go to bed. That’s why it’s so important to plan out an evening routine that helps you wind down and gives you something to look forward to.

An evening routine helps you set a clear boundary between work and rest which we all need in our lives. With the right evening routine, you can start the next day feeling prepared and refreshed instead of overwhelmed and sluggish.

In this post, I’m sharing how my evening routine plays an important role in my own self-care and relaxation. I hope my routine gives you some inspiration to create your own evening ritual and make healthy choices at the end of the day!

My Current Evening Routine

Stop Working

I usually get done with work around 8:30, so I’ll finish up and try to get as far from my computer as possible. I like to put my phone in another room at this time so I’m not tempted to check emails or scroll through social media.


Watch a Show

I know it’s not exactly healthy to binge watch Netflix for an entire evening, but I do find it relaxing to watch an episode or two of a show that I’m enjoying. I recently watched a Korean drama called Memories of the Alhambra on Netflix, and I absolutely LOVED it. Highly recommend. Sometimes shows can feel like an escape, and I think it’s important to have something that takes your mind off work.


Eat a snack

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been an evening snack person. I think my family has always been the type to eat a snack in the evening while watching a show, and that’s clearly rubbed off on me.

Lately I’ve been trying to make healthy choices since I don’t want anything too heavy sitting in my stomach before bed. One of my recent favorite finds is Jackson’s Honest Potato Chips. They’re grain-free and gluten-free, and they have a huge variety of flavors like Sweet Potato, Apple Cider Vinegar (tastes like salt and vinegar but better!), and Tangy Barbeque.


These chips are cooked in coconut oil over low heat which means they are full of healthy fats. I found these at a local health food market in my area, but they’re also available at places like Whole Foods.

The Jackson’s Honest brand is all about the message, “Goodness. Pass It On.” Jackson’s Honest was was founded by a mother in her kitchen as a way to bring her son’s struggle with an extremely rare autoimmune disease to a wider audience. I think we can all use the “Goodness. Pass It On” message to share our stories, discoveries, and hope with those who might need it most.

Clean Up

After I’ve had my snack and relaxed on the couch (around 10pm), I’ll clean up the kitchen and living room before heading to bed. I do this so that when I get up the next morning, I’m not faced with mess and clutter.


Plan My Day

I’ll take a look at my calendar and to-do list for the next day and organize my list based on what needs to get done first. I’ll also put timestamps next to each to-do list item so I know exactly when to work on them.


I’ll change into pajamas and go through my skincare routine. I always take my makeup off before bed, and my typical skincare routine includes double cleansing with a balm and cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, and night face cream. I consider skincare to be a relaxing ritual, so I make sure to do this every night.



I pretty much have to red before I go to bed or I feel like my mind doesn’t get time to properly settle down. I stick to reading fiction books at night (rather than non-fiction) because I find that non-fiction books only make my brain go into overdrive.

Create Your Own Evening Routine

If you want to create your own relaxing evening routine, here are a few things to consider:

Prioritize Relaxation

Think about what would make you feel relaxed at the end of the day. What activities help you unwind? Also consider what kind of environment helps you feel relaxed. Do you need to make your living room or bedroom more peaceful for your evening routine? Try to make the space around you as relaxing as possible.

Make Tomorrow Easier

Think about what you can do the night before to make tomorrow less stressful. Maybe that’s planning your day, making your lunch ahead of time, or choosing an outfit for work.

Be Realistic

There’s only so much time in the evening after work, so don’t try to cram in too much. If you try to do everything with your evening routine, you’ll only feel stressed out if you don’t get to it all – and that’s the opposite of what we want. Instead, think about what three things you could do in the evening to help you relax and unwind.

What does your evening routine look like?

I hope this post has encouraged you to switch up your current evening habits and focus on cultivating a healthy evening routine.

5 Mindset Shifts That Will Make Healthy Living Easier

You know when you’re busy trying to juggle a million things at once and somehow your health gets pushed wayyy down to the very bottom of your priority list? Yeah, it happens to us all (even those of us who try to be healthy on the regular). I mean, if I’m trying to write a blog post, finish a work project, AND keep up with everything else in life, I’m probably going to reach for a chocolate muffin over an apple #LetsBeReal.


Unfortunately, if we keep prioritizing everything else in the world above our health, it starts to take a toll on the quality of our work and life in general because we’re operating with sleepy brains, upset stomachs, and hangry attitudes.

I’m here to tell you that being healthy isn’t actually impossible, even if you’re a super busy person.

There are some simple mindset shifts you can implement that make it a whole lot easier to take better care of yourself, and you’ll start thinking about health and wellness in a slightly different way from all of those marketing scams you’re usually bombarded with (no LOSE WEIGHT FAST ads here, my friends). Here are the most important things to remember to when it comes to healthy living:

  1. Ingredients are more important than calories.

The whole point of eating is to nourish your body and take care of a basic human need. Your body is not asking you for calories alone; it wants food that makes it feel good and satisfied. Counting calories can be helpful if you want to see how much you really are consuming, but it’s not the best measurement for your health. For example, a handful of almonds has 150 calories which is about the same as a can of Coke. Because the almonds contain healthy fats, protein, and fiber, they’re going to fill you up and keep you satisfied for longer. Coke is mostly sugar which means you’re still going to be hungry later (and probably a cranky-pants, tbh).


Instead of looking at calories, take a look at the ingredients listed on the food label. Do you recognize what most of them are? If you don’t, you might not want that entering your body. Many people opt for fat-free or low-calorie versions of their favorite foods because they think they’re healthier, but these foods are often laden with additives in order to make up for the sugar or fat that’s been taken out. My best advice is to stick to foods that contain simple ingredients you can actually pronounce.

  1. Exercise to feel good, not to lose weight.

If you think of exercise as something that can make you feel better, both physically and mentally, you’re more likely to actually do it than if you think you need to do it to lose weight. Our friend Elle Woods was right when she said that exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy. I know that if I exercise even for 10 minutes in the morning, I’m going to feel better and be more productive for the rest of the day.


You also have to make exercise fun for you. So many of us are opposed to exercise because of the effort it takes, but it’s important to find a form of exercise that feels effortless and fun to you. Don’t run just because everyone else is doing it (I’ve tried for years but I still hate it). For me, pilates and kickboxing are basically the only forms of exercise that don’t feel like work to me. Think about something you’ve enjoyed doing in the past, or try out something completely new. Maybe it’s dancing, karate, bowling, or even lip-syncing – think outside of the conventional box!

  1. Healthy means something different to everyone.

Have you noticed that no one can agree on what it means to be healthy? You can’t post a recipe on the internet claiming it’s healthy without someone else commenting that it’s not healthy at all. Someone will probably disagree with the tips I’m sharing here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Because there are so many different schools of thought on health and wellness, your best bet is to eat what feels good to you and experiment with different ways of eating if that’s something you’re interested in doing. Eating should make you feel satisfied and energetic (after all, food is energy), so if you feel like crap every time you eat pizza, maybe don’t eat it so much. It’s important to do your own research and remember that just because something works for one person, doesn’t mean it will necessarily work for you. You do you, boo thang.

  1. Healthy doesn’t have to be expensive.

People are so quick to push their health aside because they think it will be expensive and time consuming. Your health is worth investing in, but you honestly don’t have to break the bank in order to make healthier choices. One of the best ways to start saving money (and improve your health in general) is to cook at home more often than you eat out at restaurants. Some people really advocate for organic food at every meal, but I just stick to Dirty Dozen/Clean Fifteen list. Also, there are so many free exercise videos and apps out there, and nature makes a great playground, so you don’t really need a gym membership in this day and age.

  1. She’s beautiful, but so are you.

If I asked you to name all the things that you love, how long would it take for you to name yourself?

We are so willing to compliment other people on their looks, but we are so against the idea of complimenting ourselves. You have to acknowledge that while someone else has a banging body and beautiful skin, that has absolutely no reflection on the state of your own body. In order to lead a healthy lifestyle, you also have to be conscious of your thoughts towards yourself and others.


I’m always striving to make my mind a little more blissful (hence the name of this blog), and self-acceptance is an important part of that. I know it’s not easy to appreciate yourself every time you look in the mirror because we tend to see the negatives before the positives, but something as simple as acknowledging the parts you like about yourself each morning (including your awesome brain and unique talents) can make a huge difference.


Set one goal for your health for 30 days, and share it on Twitter or tell us about it in the comments below! It can be anything from checking the ingredients in your food to drinking a glass of water when you wake up. My goal is to exercise for at least 10 minutes every day!

What are the health truths you live by? How are you prioritizing your health this month?

How To Connect More Deeply With Yourself And Others

As we finish up the first week of the new year, my mind is flowing with ideas and plans for things I want to make happen. At times it feels overwhelming because there are so many possibilities, but I’m ready to take on this year with as much focus and clarity as possible (and a lot less endless scrolling – who’s with me?).


Part of my plan to stay focused comes from the word I’ve chosen to guide me through the year: connection. I want to use this word as motivation, inspiration, and clarity to help me make intentional and mindful decisions.

Connection is a topic that’s meaningful for many of us. Whether it’s connecting more deeply with yourself, making time for self-care, or simply connecting with others, wanting to feel connected in life seems to be an important focus for this year.

Today, I want to share what connection means to me and why I chose this word for 2018. If you want to create more meaningful connections in your life, I’m hoping this post will give you insight and inspiration to make it happen.

Why I Chose Connection As My Theme

Originally, my word for 2018 was community. To me, community means a group of people who come together, usually around one thing that they have in common. Of course, feeling a sense of community is so important and it’s something I want to work on this year.

However, I took a step back and thought about what made the community appealing to me in the first place. It turns out that what I really want is to feel connected with people in a deep, meaningful way. I want to have those connections with people that make me go ‘yes, this person gets me!’.

When I look back on all of the meaningful things that have happened in 2017, they all involve other people. Sometimes I think I can get by in life just doing my own thing and never asking for help. Or being my typical introverted self and not making the effort to go out and meet up with people.

But really, connection is where the good stuff happens. Our relationships with others encourage growth, insight, and new ways of thinking.

This is also a time where I want to connect with myself more and do things to help me stay grounded. This could be simple things like journaling for self-reflection and emotional processing, making more of a priority to exercise and eat well, and continuing to explore how I want to live my life and not get caught up with what other people are doing.

The Four Elements Of Connection

Once I decided that connection was truly what I wanted to focus on this year, I figured I should define what connection means to me (otherwise it would just be an abstract term that I’d thrown out there). I broke down my word of the year into four different categories which essentially sum up what connection means to me. Here are those categories:


The first word for me is community, which means feeling included and including others. It also means meeting new people, getting involved in groups both online and offline, and feeling like I can contribute to something that doesn’t revolve around me.


I also chose the word conversation because I want to have meaningful, deep, beyond the surface level and inspiring new conversations this year. That means stepping out of my comfort zone and finding people who I can have those conversations with. I also want to make sure that I’m taking care of the relationships I already have in my life by staying in touch and being a good friend.


Another element of connection is compassion. To me, compassion means being less judgmental, more open-minded, and more supportive and encouraging towards myself and others. Sometimes I judge others before I really know them, and I judge myself for my weaknesses, so I want to be kinder and more compassionate in this area of my life.


I also chose the word contemplation, which I’m using to mean reflecting often and finding time to be with myself. Whether that’s through journaling, reading, meditating, or taking long walks, I want to spend time with myself and not feel the need to jump on social media or distract myself with unnecessary tasks. I want to continue learning about myself, getting to know my strengths, and spending time doing what I love daily.

P.S. I didn’t mean for all of these words to start with the letter C, but I actually love that it turned out that way. #AlliterationNerd.

How To Feel Connected In Life

These are a few of the things that I am doing to connect more with myself and others this year. If you’re also on a journey to feel more connected to your purpose, to yourself, and to others, I encourage you to think about these four elements and how you can make them happen in your life too:

  1. Community: How can you build or find more community in your life?
  2. Conversation: How can you enhance communication and conversation?
  3. Compassion: How can you be more compassionate towards yourself and others?
  4. Contemplation: How can you make time for contemplation and quiet moments alone?

What helps you feel connected in life?

Please leave a comment below and share what you are focusing on this year!